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Ethics and publishing

It is important for some scientific journal authorities to know that the authors have observed ethical issues while conducting their biomedical studies on humans and animals. All the submitted articles to a journal should be checked for their observation of ethical standards (consent from the participants and respect participant withdrawal from the study). Therefore, in case the journal needs the proofs of ethics, the authors should provide the necessary documents.

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Articles are usually subjected to editing even if they were previously peer-reviewed. In fact, articles are usually edited for a couple of times to eliminate their probable errors. The editing process of a journal highly depends on financial resources. The journals with limited budget usually employ one editor or ask their general editorial board to do the editing. In such cases, a member of an editorial board may voluntarily provide editing services which lead to a high volume of tasks. On the other hand, they might not be highly skillful in editing resulting in obvious mistakes. In this regard, editing services are mainly provided in three different types.

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Digital Object Identifier(DOI)

Digital Object Identifier commonly recognized as DOI is a standard number used for journal articles, research reports and data sets, and official publications to enhance their accessibility. In fact, DOI is a string of numbers that is exclusively assigned to each article. The DOI helps the publishers to enhance the visibility and quality of their journals.

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One of the biggest challenges for scientific journals is membership in international indexing databases.  Membership of a journal in such databases enhances the visibility, readability, and availability of articles. Indexing databases are usually classified into three groups, as follows International general databases, such as ISI Specialized databases, including Embase and MEDLINE  Databases for special locations Read more about Indexing[…]

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The content quality of a journal

The quality of a journal is an important issue, which is highly affected by the budget allocated for the journal. Generally, it is expected that each volume of the journal has a higher quality than the previously published volume.  Although having sufficient financial resource is of utmost importance, it is not the only condition for the high quality of a journal. In fact, what counts for the quality of a journal is the right management of an allocated budget.