How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Most of the students have a lot in their to-do list (like the researches they have to do, people they must meet, articles they should write, books they must read, etc.) but they don’t have enough time. Some students are not able to do these things on their own, so they ask others for ideas Read more about How to Avoid Plagiarism?[…]

Write an effective cover letter for sending to the journal

Usually it takes months or even years to write a 5000 thousand words article and then edit and configure it according to the journal’s requirement, but you should know that for sending the article you need a cover letter. Most journals have clear-cut instructions on what should be written in a cover letter. Therefore, although Read more about Write an effective cover letter for sending to the journal[…]

The quality content of scientific journal

Quality upgrade is one the most important issues in a scientific journal in which budget and financial factors play a crucial role. Each issue should qualitatively excel the previous one and this matter of quality depends highly on the budget available to the journal. Again it must be noticed while budget plays an essential role Read more about The quality content of scientific journal[…]

Quality of A Scientific Journal

Quality improvement is one of the most important matters in a scientific journal that is under the influence of financial and budgetary issues. Each issue of a scientific journal should have a higher quality than the previous issue. The most influential factor in this regard is the budget of the journal. But although a large Read more about Quality of A Scientific Journal[…]

Main Tips for Writing a Good Research Article Title

The title is recognized as the most basic and important aspect of the research article. Although writing an article title may seem an easy task, it requires a lot of care. It may come as a surprise to most people to know that some writers may be very successful without any problem writing a detailed Read more about Main Tips for Writing a Good Research Article Title[…]

How to Find a Good Research Topic?

A good research topic should be feasible, interesting, novel, ethical, and relevant (FINER). Researchers can evaluate the problem of the study based on these five indicators. Read this article to know what each of them mean. Feasibility Before researchers can decide on the research topic, they must make sure that they can do the research. Read more about How to Find a Good Research Topic?[…]

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