How to Avoid Grammatical Errors in Your Research Papers

Research papers are very important to the career progression of scholars. The conduct of research takes so much time, effort and resources and these makes the final result valuable. Researcher are under constant pressure to publish papers. The motto ‘Publish or perish’ enforces the academicians to regularly publish research papers. Grammatical errors can needlessly delay Read more about How to Avoid Grammatical Errors in Your Research Papers[…]

DOI citation

Citation of the DOI of a Journal Article

DOI (digital objectidentifier) is an identification code for published works like journals. Thecode was developed and implemented in the year 2000 by the International DOIFoundation (IDF) and is assigned by thepublisher. A DOI is created by a registration agency (Crossref)involving an alphanumeric code beginning with “10”and a prefix of four or more numbers. A slash comes Read more about Citation of the DOI of a Journal Article[…]

meta analysis

Research Meta-analysis: Getting the Bigger Picture

The reproducibility crisis is not new in academic community. In order to substantiate it, the cancer researchers tried to reproduce the studies published in high ranking scientific journals, but they only succeeded to reproduce only half of the studies. This leads to lots of debates and controversies around particular theories. One of the solutions here Read more about Research Meta-analysis: Getting the Bigger Picture[…]

journal assessment

Qualitative Journal Assessment

Authors usually wish to publish their articles in a high rank journal. Publishing in a high rank journal not only upgrades your resume, it also brings about better job and investment opportunities. Researchers typically use Journal Impact Factor (JIF) for the general assessment of the journal. Yet JIF has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here Read more about Qualitative Journal Assessment[…]

Where do research ideas come from?

The question which research we have to do is addressed not only to the researchers but also to the policy makers and investors in health sector who must decide which studies they should encourage and support.  Good research ideas are the result of using knowledge, scientific findings, activities and attitudes of the researchers. Search in Read more about Where do research ideas come from?[…]

How Social Media Promotion Can Increase Research Citation?

Social media enable the people all around the world to have access to endless information, entertainment, news and many other subject matters. The use of social media has increased up to 65% by the year 2015. This has increasingly become important in academic community. Social media has turned to an essential means for the promotion Read more about How Social Media Promotion Can Increase Research Citation?[…]


What is Altmetrics?

Altmetrics is the abbreviation of Alternative Metrics, meaning alternate scales. The aim of Altmetrics is to measure web based research interactions including issues such as how a research gets tweeted or blogs are written about them or even gets bookmarked. As is evident by the name, Altmetrics is creation and study of new scales based Read more about What is Altmetrics?[…]

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