Tips on Data Collection During Quarantine

People all around the world are experiencing the life in quarantine and it can change the course of events greatly for them. The lock-down has closed the lab doors suddenly and we don’t know when they will be opened again. This has prevented many researchers from accomplishing their research projects. However, it is a good Read more about Tips on Data Collection During Quarantine[…]

Some Tips on Scientific Posters

This short article is going to cover the requirements and tips on the preparation of an e-poster. The conventional scientific posters were presented as an arrangement of graphic designs and information printed on papers. Today, as a result of the growth of digital technology, scientific conferences ask for items such as Quick Response code (QR) Read more about Some Tips on Scientific Posters[…]

The Reasons Behind the Higher Citation of Open Access Publications

There are evidences that show Open Access (OA) publishing is getting more popularity especially during the last 5 years. Supporters of OA believe that it is a fairer publishing model that increases accessibility to scientific findings. Here we examine some advantages of open access publishing and whether this model leads to higher citation rate?  With Read more about The Reasons Behind the Higher Citation of Open Access Publications[…]

Open Access (OA) Journals

In this article we want to see what Open Access (OA) means to researchers and publishers. To describe it simply, open access means that the article or academic work is published in a database or medium that is accessible free of charge to anyone who needs it. Typically, access to published works require the payment Read more about Open Access (OA) Journals[…]

How to Do Peer review?

Peer review is essentially a structured process; therefore, more you practice it, the more expert and confident you would be. It is a constructive process. The peer review both preserves the integrity of the article and helps you improve your proficiency as a researcher. Also it is a good way for advancing the skill of Read more about How to Do Peer review?[…]

How to write Methods section?

The method section of a papers is probably the least interesting part, yet it is essential for the progress of science and facilitates your further attempts. The requirements for Methods section of any journal can be found in “instructions to authors” guide. The purpose of Methods section The Methods section of your paper lets your Read more about How to write Methods section?[…]

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