The Effect of Self-Retraction on the Researchers’ Career?

What would you do if you realize that you made a mistake in the process of the research you had conducted which undermines the results of your published paper. This could be an error in labeling. Therefore, the cell lines you worked on were not the ones you believed to be. You think about the Read more about The Effect of Self-Retraction on the Researchers’ Career?[…]

Figures and Tables in a Manuscript

When drafting your manuscript, there may be information that needed to be in a figure or table. The first thing that you should do is to decide which suits your purpose better. Tables are suitable for data having lots of variables or categories or the values that have the same pattern. Figures are proper for Read more about Figures and Tables in a Manuscript[…]

Social media

Social Media for Promoting Your Research

Using social media is an effective way for promoting your research since it allows you to have a direct access to your audience and offers a great platform to improve your journal’s profile. Your subject expertise, as an editor or author, enables you to promote your paper on social media. The following five tips give Read more about Social Media for Promoting Your Research[…]

Writing a Research Article

Writing a Research Article

 After you have completed your study and got your conclusion, you want to inform the world about your findings. In order to do that you must extract a research article from your study and submit it to a right journal. As you may already know, the articles have the basic IMRAD structure (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion). In some Read more about Writing a Research Article[…]

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