About Peer Review

Many journals use peer review process as a screening process for manuscripts.  In majority of cases, students and young researchers try to publish their work without knowing anything about the peer review process. Peer review is the process of research evaluation and assessment by experts in a specific academic disciplines. Therefore, This process is often Read more about About Peer Review[…]

Tips for Producing an Effective Draft

To write the first draft you need to have detailed notes. If you not have a case at present, preparation of an outline for each section including major headings, sub-headings and paragraphs containing different points may help. At this stage you should turn your notes and outline into a narration. Some people believe that it Read more about Tips for Producing an Effective Draft[…]

responding to reviewers

How to Respond to Reviewers

You will receive a letter with some comments from the editor after the submission of your manuscript to your target journal. This letter either means to accept or reject your submitted manuscript. But how to respond to reviewers? If the editor has decided to reject your manuscript, he usually gives some reasons for the decision. Read more about How to Respond to Reviewers[…]

Editing services

How Editing Services Improve Your Work

It surprises me when I see authors think that they can edit their own manuscript. It is good to know that professional authors and PhD candidates usually hire professional editing services. Editing services will improve the quality of your academic papers, thesis, business documents and book manuscripts. Perhaps you believe that your English is good Read more about How Editing Services Improve Your Work[…]

How to Write an Abstract?

Researchers write abstracts to make a selection of their work for presentation at scientific gatherings such as conferences and seminars. Writing a good abstract is not an easy task and many young researchers have no idea how to summarize the results of so many months of work into 300 to 400 words. Nonetheless, mastering the Read more about How to Write an Abstract?[…]

The Things You Should Know about Indexing

Authors in recent years have been more and more looking for indexed journals to publish their articles and prestigious journals are those that are covered by a number of abstracting and indexing services. In fact, the higher the number the more prestigious is considered the journal. But what is an “Index Journal”?  In the forthcoming Read more about The Things You Should Know about Indexing[…]

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