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ISI, Scopus, or PubMed: How to Select the Best Journal Based on Its Indexing?

As science becomes increasingly collaborative and inter-disciplinary, researchers have to ensure that critical research is tapped in time! Researchers who want to publish their studies try to find a journal that is indexed by prominent and leading databases. Indexing is crucial for the credibility, outreach, and reputation of the journal which has a significant influence Read more about ISI, Scopus, or PubMed: How to Select the Best Journal Based on Its Indexing?[…]

article outline

Eight Steps to Developing an Effective Outline

Preparing an effective outline is the most important step in the process of producing a manuscript for publication in a journal. The outline bears roughly the same relation to the final manuscript as an architectural blueprint does to a finished house. The purpose of an outline is to divide the writing of the entire paper Read more about Eight Steps to Developing an Effective Outline[…]

wiring clearly

Writing Clearly

Writing clearly means presenting your argument and evidence logically and creatively. If you put your noteworthy arguments in embellished prose, it might not attract enough attention. But it should be noted that clear writing needs effort. In addition to a knowledge of basic grammar and syntax, it requires a good ear, a sense of proportion, Read more about Writing Clearly[…]

negative results

Can Negative Results Be Significant?

Any scientific research involves testing a hypothesis through an experiment. If the results of the experiment support the hypothesis, it is considered positive and worthy of publication. However, if the results of the experiment contradict the expectations of the researchers, it means that the hypothesis was wrong. These findings are called negative results and most journals do Read more about Can Negative Results Be Significant?[…]

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