March 17, 2018

A letter from the editor-in-chief

Writing medical articles may seem daunting for junior researchers, particularly in medicine. When entering the medical school as researchers or a faculty members, they may wonder what a medical paper should contain. They are clueless about the process of proofreading, submitting, and revising a medical paper.

We would like to tell you that it is more than easy to learn about the structure of medical papers. A medical article consists of research objectives, research hypothesis,  literature review, methods, statistical tests, results, discussion, and conclusion. Here is the presentation of all the items required in a medical paper.

At first, lets take a look at the pyramid of a scientific paper.

This design is just for original articles and systematic reviews. Reports have a different structure. Besides, various journals have different types of formats for accepting manuscripts. One of the very useful resources for the structure of medical papers is Equator network.

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