Characteristics of a Good Researcher (Part 3)

1. Talented:

The word talented also has a variety of definitions so we will mention some of them below.

1.1. According to Marland, a talented and gifted person has the following characteristics:

1. General intellectual ability

2. specific academic ability

3. creative or productive thinking

4. leadership ability

5. visual and performing arts

6. psychomotor ability

1.2. Giftedness is defined as the potential or actual ability of individuals in various fields or at least in certain areas of creativity, specific cultural practices, leadership, visual arts, and the like.

1.3. A gifted or talented person is a person whose intellectual capacity is above average and has an IQ higher than 117.5.

1.4. Another group referred to other factors such as appropriate family background, high scores and academic achievements as the signs of a talented person.

1.5. Others have described the need for skilled and professional people to identify talent as a defining component of talent. “The gifted and talented people are the ones identified by qualified people and have an outstanding academic achievement due to their excellent performance. They need distinctive educational programs and services, beyond what the regular schools’ curriculum has to offer.” They usually have potential or actual abilities in a) general intelligence ability, b) talent for specific cultural thinking, c) creative and productive thinking, d) leadership ability, and e) psychomotor ability. The following can be suggested as signs of talented people:

1) The domain of the ability of the gifted individuals’ is not limited to their intellectual and mental abilities, but also includes other areas such as verbal, behavioral, and leadership skills.

2) They have an IQ higher than 117.

3) Their academic performance is higher and more qualitative than the rest of the students.

4) Having an intrinsic talent is not enough. They also have to develop their talents which requires the proper environment in the family and school.

5) Unfortunately, in most cases, they do not have the requirements needed for the development of their talents.


2. Excellent Memory

Besides this inherent characteristic an excellent memory is also needed. Although it is not as influential as talent, having an excellent memory has a significant impact on the research process. Moreover, it is particularly important in some fields of study. For instance, in the field of historical research, having a strong and active memory has a very serious and decisive role. Some people are able to remember details of events, can retell stories word by word, and read or write without needing a lot of practice. Although having such a memory is not necessary for everyone, but it has particular importance in some fields. So we can conclude that two inherent traits are crucial in research, namely talent and an excellent memory.

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