Developing a research question (a statement of the problem)

The problem is, in fact, a question that is made in the researcher’s mind about a phenomenon, problem, or dilemma. The purpose of the researcher is to determine the causes of the problem or identify the solutions for it.

Developing a research questionIn the statement of the problem, the researcher should observe the following points:

A) The researcher must show some evidence regarding the presence of a problem in the society.

B) The researcher should state the problem and show its various dimensions.

C) The researcher should clearly state his/her purpose of performing the research, the variables that are going to be studied, and the way of investigating the variables (e.g., cause and effect or relationship).

D) The researcher should also specify the research time period and domain.

Generally, the research problem should describe the problem, show its dimensions, explain the motivation of the researcher, show the variables, clarify the way of examining them, and determine the location and period of the research.

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