Medical Emoji

Emoji are small faces that represent the emotions and first developed as facial expressions then spreed to common objects, places, types of weathers and animals. But recently they are moving to a wider trends as there are evidences that suggest their wider usability in scientific and official documents to express the text meaning better. Besides, the medical doctors and health professionals have moved to virtual environment and use commonly electronic devised and messengers for counseling. As, by development of medical specialties need for consultation between the healthcare providers are more and more.

Hence, now it is not possible to do it without online methods like messengers. In online consultation using messengers the doctors surely need to text all detail of the patient for their colleague and so using emoji is necessary. But, the main problem is that these emoji were not developed specially for medical signs and symptoms. So, while some of general emoji like or ? work for presentation of some of concepts are used in clinical medicine. But presenting many clinical concepts including the sign and symptoms are impossible to presentation by conventional ones. Accordingly, Dr Assadi and colleagues started a research group aimed to start medical emoji in general, and clinical sign and symptoms in particular. Each emojii judged by ten medical doctors for presentation and understating of the meaning, before being apeared in this list but it is open to all and we ask you to check them below and rate them. We are working on new ones while we are also trying to find method to add their uni-codes.

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