October 27, 2020

Research Data Support service

Research data (datasets) denote the collection of information that supports your research project, study, or publication.

Health and medical studies are strongly based on massive data collection from the study population and then generalizing the findings of that to the resembling population. As health data are extremely complicated, it is crucial to clean and prepare them for statistical analysis in massive data collections.

We have developed a data support service for health research that is a novel tool for refining datasets by cleaning, correcting, and improving the accuracy, and removing hazy invalid data.

Researchers that apply for this service usually don’t have the time, expertise, or knowledge needed to:

  • Organize health data in a useful way.
  • Enter data into software applications such as SPSS.
  • Get more credit and readership for the collected data based on the relevant hypothesis.
  • Formulate the algorithms that are necessary for the analysis and evaluation of data.

Research Data Support service costs €315 and we accept most file types.  


Using our Research Data Support service is easy

  1. Fill in an inquiry form to see if your datasets are eligible for the service.
  2. We don’t accept working on data that refer to human participants (personal data) or sensitive data (identifiable).
  3. Please remove any personal or sensitive details (e.g. names, addresses, locations)
  4. Your hypothesis or inquiry (e.g. a research proposal) should explain what you intend to extract from the data.
  5. Upload your files in the form.

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