Thesis Definition

A research thesis is presented by one or more postgraduate students to receive a degree in their field of study.

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The thesis represents all the stages of a study from the subject selection time to the conclusion. A thesis must have a new subject.

Dissertation definition

The research project at the end of a postgraduate is called a dissertation.

In the selection of a dissertation subject, it is necessary to investigate a new subject

What is the difference between a thesis and dissertation?

  1. A PhD dissertation is more comprehensive than a master thesis.
  2. A thesis can complete previous studies but a dissertation must necessarily be the result of a study on a new subject.
  3. A PhD dissertation requires further explanations to provide a new idea that leads to a new advancement.
  4. A PhD proposal is more detailed because it provides a complete explanation of what is discussed in the thesis.
  5. The purpose of writing a master thesis is to become familiar with the research process; however, in a postgraduate program, students should have sufficient ability in conducting research and writing dissertation, so that they can independently carry out a research project.
  6. PhD dissertations include broader ranges, stronger assumptions, more intelligent analyses, and more innovations.
  7. In dissertations, the researcher should be able to present a new advancement or state a theory that rejects or confirms the previous ideas.

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