What are the components of a research project (proposal)?

Research title

The first step in the research is to determine the title of the research. No researcher can begin research without specifying the title of the study. The research title determines the destination and final design of the study.

Literature reviewResearch paper terminology

A number of specialist and technical terminologies related to the title and subject of the research (3 to 6 words) are presented and briefly defined based on valid sources.

Statement of the problem

Research problem is, in fact, a question raised by the researcher about a phenomenon or problem. The researcher aims to determine the cause of this problem and find the solutions for it.

Significance of the study

In this section, the researcher should clearly state the importance of the subject under study. In addition, this section involves explanations of the necessity of examining the given subject and its contribution to the related fields.

Literature review

The researcher needs to refer to the documents related to the topic under discussion in order to gain a general view about the given subject and coordinate the research with the achievements of similar previous studies.

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