What is a review article?


A review article summarizes and organizes the recent studies on a specific subject to help others to obtain a comprehensive understanding regarding the subject of interest.

Review article

How to write a review article?

In a review article, the underlying knowledge related to the subject under examination is considered as a hypothesis rather than being investigated. This type of study involves the classification of the research examining a similar topic, future prospect of the given research topic, and finally evaluation and comparison of the available strategies and methods. 

The purpose of a review article is to provide a well-organized and comprehensive view of the investigations performed on a given research topic.

It is not necessary to mention all details of the reviewed articles. But, it should be noted that the details of the studies under review should be addressed equally. Make sure to cover all the related works. The logical structure of the article should be taken ito account.

Here are some tips for writing a review article:

  • Summarize at least 5-8 articles in each research topic.
  • State your evaluative ideas regarding the methods used by each article and its comparison with other methods.
  • Make a critical review of the previously done work from several points.
  • State your predictions and suggestions about future studies.
  • Do not forget that everything you write in a review article should belong to yourself. Any content borrowed from other articles should be referenced in your article.

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