What is Mendeley Software? (Part 2)

Finding Similar Articles in Mendeley Software

Mendeley software has a comprehensive database so it can help you find similar articles easily. To do this, first, click on the article you want and click the “Related” button in the toolbar section above. Then Mendeley software offers similar articles by searching in its database and you can read the abstracts of these articles in the software. You need to have an active internet connection to do this.

What is Mendeley Software

How to Manage References in Mendeley Software

To manage references in the Mendeley software, first, you must install this feature. To do so, select “Install MS Word Plugin” from the Tools section. Notice that the Word software should be closed when doing this.

This software is installed in the References section of Word. You can use the “Insert citation” option for in-text citations. Clicking on this will open a window for you. Then you must click on “Go to Mendeley” and select the article you want. Then click on “Cite” in the toolbar to refer to that text.What is Mendeley Software

You can also use the “Insert Bibliography” option to get the full-text reference using the format you want.

Article Information

One of the interesting features of Mendeley is access to the abstracts and titles of each article in the least amount of time without opening a document. You can do this by clicking on the document in the library section. There you can see the abstract, along with the article information, such as the year of publication and the name of the journal in the left. In the note section, you can take notes of the articles you want. Besides, you can view different parts of the article in the content section and by clicking on it you can read the document you want.

Another useful feature of Mendeley is that by installing a plug-in in your browser, you can have quick access to the information and documents that are located in reputable databases, such as Scopus, Science Direct, and even websites like Amazon. You can also save them in Mendeley to read later.

You must use the following link to install this plugin in your browser:


To install this extension, just drag the “save to Mendeley” option to the toolbar of your browser.

What is Mendeley Software

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What is Mendeley Software?


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