What Is the Background of the Research and How Should It Be Written?

background of the research

The background of the research is one of the most important components of a research paper. The quality of the background determines whether the reader will be interested in continuing to study your research or not. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your audience is interested in reading your entire research paper, write the background of your research attractively and effectively.

In this DoNotEdit article, we will explain what the background of the study is and how it should be written.

What is the background of the research?

The background of the research is the first part of the article and defines the underlying context of the research. It includes the rationale statement of the key problem and an overview of the research questions, which we will explain in the rest of the paper.

The background forms the crux of the research because it introduces an uninformed audience to the research and its importance in a clear and logical way. Sometimes, the background may even examine whether the study builds on or refutes the findings of previous studies.

Any relevant information that readers need to know before proceeding to the article should be made available to them in the background section of the research.

What is the difference between background and introduction?

The introduction of your research paper comes before the background. Let’s find out what factors differentiate the background from the introduction.

The introduction only contains basic information about the research topic and does not state the purpose of the research. In contrast, the background makes the importance of the study clear in great detail.

The introduction provides an overview of the research topic from a broader perspective, while the background provides a detailed understanding of the topic.

The introduction should end by stating the research questions, aims, and objectives of the research. In contrast, the background follows no such format and only provides essential context to the study.

How should one write the background of the research paper?

The length of the background content and the details provided in the background of different research articles depend on the complexity and novelty of the research topic and are different. Sometimes, a simple background is enough, even if the study is complex.

Before writing and adding details to the background of the research, consider the following important points:

Include historical data: Current issues largely originate from historical events or findings. If the research borrows information from a historical context, add relevant data in the background.

Explain novelty: If the research study or methodology is unique or novel, provide an explanation that helps to understand the research better.

Increase engagement: To make the background engaging, build a story around the central theme of the research

Start with a strong beginning: Begin the background of the research by defining the research topic and then identify the target audience.

Cover key components: Explain all theories, concepts, terms, and ideas that may feel unfamiliar to the target audience thoroughly.

Take note of important prerequisites: Go through the relevant literature in detail. Take notes while reading and cite the sources.

Maintain a balance: Make sure that the background is focused on important details, but also appeals to a broader audience.

Mistakes while writing the background

Avoid these mistakes while writing the background of the research:

Poor organization: Do not place information without a structure. Make sure that the background reads chronologically and organize the sub-sections so that it flows well.

Ambiguity: Do not be ambiguous. While writing, assume that the reader does not understand any intricate detail about your research. If you want to know about what reviewers look for in a grant proposal, click here.

Unrelated themes: Steer clear from topics that are not related to the key aspects of your research topic.

Writing the background for a research paper should not be a daunting task. But the paths you should take to write the background of research can always help you. Having the basic insight to write a high-quality, engaging, logically structured article is important for publication. Start with a strong research background. For more questions, contact our experts now!

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