December 9, 2019

World of Medical Authors Network (WoMAN)

World of Medical Authors Network or WoMAN is a social media for findings the best co-authors for your ready to write manuscript. Everybody who have written a medical papers knows that finding the best co-authors for our papers is one of the biggest challenges of medical writing and publishing. As, it is expected that those who have participated in an study, be the authors of the relevant paper, but the problem is that it is very common that a team of researchers, need to a hand of a co-author that is expert in an specific type of medical paper.

It is very bad that in connected world of today the authors can not easily find the best co-authors for their papers.

Reza Assadi CEO of DoNotEdit

WoMAN is a simple social network that you can easily with few clicks register in it and then search to find new co-authors from the members list. Also you can write about yourself, in your profile about your abilities. It gives you the chance of being selected as a co-author by others. You have an activity page that like many other scientific social media, you can write in it about your new achievements. You will also receive notifications regularly about your friends activities that might open horizons for your further studies and publications.

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