How write a research statement for the PhD admission

At the time of Applying to stuying for PhD degree, or  job oppor- tunity or research position, in addition to the need for prov- iding a CV and a suitable cover letter, it is necessary to provide a relatively short but detailed text we know it as a research statement.

research statement for the PhD admissionThe investigator’s purpose is to provide a summary of his research background as well as his future plan for conducting a research, submit to the university, which is usually about 1 to 3 pages. However, the favourite university may request more or less than this. According to the researcher’s field of study, it may be consist of about 2 or 4 paragraphs, but in some parts,  need to add more explanation.

For compiling the statement of purpose with minimum numbers of paragraphs, for example three paragraphs, the first paragraph is introduction.

In this paragraph provide a brief introduction of your research and academic background. In the next paragraphs, scientific findings and current activities are discussed, and further discussion about the future research plan is in the last paragraph.

Generally, it should not be confused with the resume because its purpose is to provide an introduction to the plans and researcher status. If possible, it is developed by professional people in this field and native editing will be very useful.

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