citation generators

Are Online Citation Generators Useful?

When preparing a manuscript, a citation generator can help you create a list of references and citations based on your preferred style. Scientific research is sometimes based on the findings of previous research. There are various online citation generators, such as Easybib, Bibme, and Cite This For Me. Aside from original research, review articles can Read more about Are Online Citation Generators Useful?[…]

research methodology

What is Research Methodology?

Research methodology is defined as a systematic way to solve a research problem by collecting data using various techniques, providing an interpretation of the collected data, and drawing conclusions about the research data. A research method is fundamentally the blueprint of the research or study. Methodology vs. Methods “Methodology” and “methods” are mistaken for each Read more about What is Research Methodology?[…]

Fast Publication

Need Fast Publication? Read This Article

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the need for fast publication of papers was felt more urgent than before. There are obvious benefits to publishing research results as soon as possible. For instance, researchers can share important discoveries with each other and with the general public around the world. At best they can help the efforts made Read more about Need Fast Publication? Read This Article[…]


When Can Peer-Reviewer Comments Be Modified by Journal Editors?

For a young researcher, any paper that gets published is very important. As any researcher knows, writing a paper requires a lot of time and resources. When a paper gets to peer examination, the author eagerly awaits the results. The next step is to closely read through all of the peer review comments and do Read more about When Can Peer-Reviewer Comments Be Modified by Journal Editors?[…]

meical databases

ISI, Scopus, or PubMed: How to Select the Best Journal Based on Its Indexing?

As science becomes increasingly collaborative and inter-disciplinary, researchers have to ensure that critical research is tapped in time! Researchers who want to publish their studies try to find a journal that is indexed by prominent and leading databases. Indexing is crucial for the credibility, outreach, and reputation of the journal which has a significant influence Read more about ISI, Scopus, or PubMed: How to Select the Best Journal Based on Its Indexing?[…]

article outline

Eight Steps to Developing an Effective Outline

Preparing an effective outline is the most important step in the process of producing a manuscript for publication in a journal. The outline bears roughly the same relation to the final manuscript as an architectural blueprint does to a finished house. The purpose of an outline is to divide the writing of the entire paper Read more about Eight Steps to Developing an Effective Outline[…]

wiring clearly

Writing Clearly

Writing clearly means presenting your argument and evidence logically and creatively. If you put your noteworthy arguments in embellished prose, it might not attract enough attention. But it should be noted that clear writing needs effort. In addition to a knowledge of basic grammar and syntax, it requires a good ear, a sense of proportion, Read more about Writing Clearly[…]

negative results

Can Negative Results Be Significant?

Any scientific research involves testing a hypothesis through an experiment. If the results of the experiment support the hypothesis, it is considered positive and worthy of publication. However, if the results of the experiment contradict the expectations of the researchers, it means that the hypothesis was wrong. These findings are called negative results and most journals do Read more about Can Negative Results Be Significant?[…]


What Is the H-index?

H-index, which was previously an obscure scholarly metric, has become the subject of heated public debate. The first time, it was declared that Bjorn Lomborg, who is skeptical about the relative significance of climate change, would be heading a research center at the University of Western Australia, many scientists disagreed due to his H-index. Most Read more about What Is the H-index?[…]

paper editing

Why Should I Use Paper Editing Services? Types of Editing Proofreading Our services include several forms of editing. Among them is proofreading, involving reviewing the paper only for typos, spellings, and grammar mistakes, as well as formatting inconsistencies. Line Editing In line editing, the sentences are rewritten. The style of the language, the flow of the article, and word choice are also addressed. Read more about Why Should I Use Paper Editing Services?[…]

Using DOI in Citations

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier and is a string of letters, numbers and symbols used for identification of an article or document and link to it on the web. By the help of a DOI your reader will be able to locate a document from your citation. Consider DOI as a Social Security number Read more about Using DOI in Citations[…]

About Peer Review

Many journals use peer review process as a screening process for manuscripts.  In majority of cases, students and young researchers try to publish their work without knowing anything about the peer review process. Peer review is the process of research evaluation and assessment by experts in a specific academic disciplines. Therefore, This process is often Read more about About Peer Review[…]

Tips for Producing an Effective Draft

To write the first draft you need to have detailed notes. If you not have a case at present, preparation of an outline for each section including major headings, sub-headings and paragraphs containing different points may help. At this stage you should turn your notes and outline into a narration. Some people believe that it Read more about Tips for Producing an Effective Draft[…]

responding to reviewers

How to Respond to Reviewers

You will receive a letter with some comments from the editor after the submission of your manuscript to your target journal. This letter either means to accept or reject your submitted manuscript. But how to respond to reviewers? If the editor has decided to reject your manuscript, he usually gives some reasons for the decision. Read more about How to Respond to Reviewers[…]

Editing services

How Editing Services Improve Your Work

It surprises me when I see authors think that they can edit their own manuscript. It is good to know that professional authors and PhD candidates usually hire professional editing services. Editing services will improve the quality of your academic papers, thesis, business documents and book manuscripts. Perhaps you believe that your English is good Read more about How Editing Services Improve Your Work[…]

How to Write an Abstract?

Researchers write abstracts to make a selection of their work for presentation at scientific gatherings such as conferences and seminars. Writing a good abstract is not an easy task and many young researchers have no idea how to summarize the results of so many months of work into 300 to 400 words. Nonetheless, mastering the Read more about How to Write an Abstract?[…]

The Things You Should Know about Indexing

Authors in recent years have been more and more looking for indexed journals to publish their articles and prestigious journals are those that are covered by a number of abstracting and indexing services. In fact, the higher the number the more prestigious is considered the journal. But what is an “Index Journal”?  In the forthcoming Read more about The Things You Should Know about Indexing[…]


Journal Indexing and DRJI Scores

Publishing scientific articles in indexed journals have one definite advantage: It ensures that all subscribers to that journal will read and cite your work. Because of the high number of journals, the number of subscribers to the journal may not be very high. Some researchers may not have subscription to indexed journals; so, how do Read more about Journal Indexing and DRJI Scores[…]


Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

COPE stands for “the Committee on Publication Ethics” and is a forum of peer-reviewed journals to talk over matters related to the integrity of the scientific record. COPE encourages editors to report ethical problems in the publication process. In concordance with Elsevier’s commitment to support journal’s editor in controlling the cases of violation of publication Read more about Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)[…]

The Effect of Self-Retraction on the Researchers’ Career?

What would you do if you realize that you made a mistake in the process of the research you had conducted which undermines the results of your published paper. This could be an error in labeling. Therefore, the cell lines you worked on were not the ones you believed to be. You think about the Read more about The Effect of Self-Retraction on the Researchers’ Career?[…]

Figures and Tables in a Manuscript

When drafting your manuscript, there may be information that needed to be in a figure or table. The first thing that you should do is to decide which suits your purpose better. Tables are suitable for data having lots of variables or categories or the values that have the same pattern. Figures are proper for Read more about Figures and Tables in a Manuscript[…]

Social media

Social Media for Promoting Your Research

Using social media is an effective way for promoting your research since it allows you to have a direct access to your audience and offers a great platform to improve your journal’s profile. Your subject expertise, as an editor or author, enables you to promote your paper on social media. The following five tips give Read more about Social Media for Promoting Your Research[…]

Writing a Research Article

Writing a Research Article

 After you have completed your study and got your conclusion, you want to inform the world about your findings. In order to do that you must extract a research article from your study and submit it to a right journal. As you may already know, the articles have the basic IMRAD structure (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion). In some Read more about Writing a Research Article[…]

Finding the Key Message

Communicating the key message is one of the most important parts of paper writing that is often overlooked. The busy reader of today’s world needs to absorb your message in the shortest time possible. They don’t have time for you to beat around the bush. Therefore, think about your central message carefully. Here are some Read more about Finding the Key Message[…]

key message

Finding the Key Message

Communicating your key message is one of the most important parts of paper writing that is often overlooked. The busy reader of today’s world needs to absorb your message in the shortest time possible. They don’t have time for you to beat around the bush. Therefore, think about your central message carefully. Here are some Read more about Finding the Key Message[…]

Study limitations

Limitations of a Study

After analyzing the results, you are ready to announce everyone what you have found. It is important to persuade editors, peer reviewers and readers. You must also be ready to inform them about the limitations of your study. How to write about the limitations of a study No research is perfect, no matter how obsessively Read more about Limitations of a Study[…]

research background

Writing the Background of Your Study

The background of every study is the story existing behind it and usually comes in the introduction of a paper or thesis, though it is possible to elaborate on it later in the discussion section. Regardless of where you present your research background, you must concentrate on key goals in presenting it. The reason for Read more about Writing the Background of Your Study[…]

abstract vs.introduction

Differences Between Abstract and Introduction of a Research Paper

The essential difference between abstract and introduction is that the abstract is a short summary of your entire study in this order: The objective of study, methods, results and conclusion. It shows the high points of your study plus a very brief background information.  The introduction, on the other hand contains only some elements of Read more about Differences Between Abstract and Introduction of a Research Paper[…]

article title

How to Develop an Effective Article Title?

The article title represents your manuscript content in a fewest possible words. Whether or not the readers read your work, an effective title instantly “sells” it to the reader. The title is crucial in drawing reader’s attention to your manuscript, especially if the searched database does not contain the abstract of the article. It should Read more about How to Develop an Effective Article Title?[…]

Tips on Data Collection During Quarantine

People all around the world are experiencing the life in quarantine and it can change the course of events greatly for them. The lock-down has closed the lab doors suddenly and we don’t know when they will be opened again. This has prevented many researchers from accomplishing their research projects. However, it is a good Read more about Tips on Data Collection During Quarantine[…]

Some Tips on Scientific Posters

This short article is going to cover the requirements and tips on the preparation of an e-poster. The conventional scientific posters were presented as an arrangement of graphic designs and information printed on papers. Today, as a result of the growth of digital technology, scientific conferences ask for items such as Quick Response code (QR) Read more about Some Tips on Scientific Posters[…]

The Reasons Behind the Higher Citation of Open Access Publications

There are evidences that show Open Access (OA) publishing is getting more popularity especially during the last 5 years. Supporters of OA believe that it is a fairer publishing model that increases accessibility to scientific findings. Here we examine some advantages of open access publishing and whether this model leads to higher citation rate?  With Read more about The Reasons Behind the Higher Citation of Open Access Publications[…]

Open Access (OA) Journals

In this article we want to see what Open Access (OA) means to researchers and publishers. To describe it simply, open access means that the article or academic work is published in a database or medium that is accessible free of charge to anyone who needs it. Typically, access to published works require the payment Read more about Open Access (OA) Journals[…]

How to Do Peer review?

Peer review is essentially a structured process; therefore, more you practice it, the more expert and confident you would be. It is a constructive process. The peer review both preserves the integrity of the article and helps you improve your proficiency as a researcher. Also it is a good way for advancing the skill of Read more about How to Do Peer review?[…]

How to write Methods section?

The method section of a papers is probably the least interesting part, yet it is essential for the progress of science and facilitates your further attempts. The requirements for Methods section of any journal can be found in “instructions to authors” guide. The purpose of Methods section The Methods section of your paper lets your Read more about How to write Methods section?[…]

How to Avoid Grammatical Errors in Your Research Papers

Research papers are very important to the career progression of scholars. The conduct of research takes so much time, effort and resources and these makes the final result valuable. Researcher are under constant pressure to publish papers. The motto ‘Publish or perish’ enforces the academicians to regularly publish research papers. Grammatical errors can needlessly delay Read more about How to Avoid Grammatical Errors in Your Research Papers[…]

meta analysis

Research Meta-analysis: Getting the Bigger Picture

The reproducibility crisis is not new in academic community. In order to substantiate it, the cancer researchers tried to reproduce the studies published in high ranking scientific journals, but they only succeeded to reproduce only half of the studies. This leads to lots of debates and controversies around particular theories. One of the solutions here Read more about Research Meta-analysis: Getting the Bigger Picture[…]

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