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English Editing

Boost your chance of getting published by letting our Master- and PhD-holder subject-expertise editors enhance the language of your manuscript and give your paper a new and professional look at an amazing price.

€35 for 1k

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Scientific Editing

Submit your paper to get insightful comments and corrections on the scientific content of your manuscript made by a PhD-quailed expert with a specialty in your paper’s subject area. We reconstruct your manuscript as the medical journal editors expect to receive them.

From €95

Go to Publication Support

Publication Support

Our team will support you at every stage of the publication process by offering you such services as peer review, journal selection, manuscript submission, paper editing, technical editing, and post-submission support.

From €45

Go to Statictical Analysis

Statictical Analysis

Our experienced team of statistical analysts would transform your data into a set of clear and well-interpreted results, thereby enhancing the credibility of your research methodology and conclusion

€15 per page

Peer Review

Many scholars are concerned about what will happen to their paper after submitting their manuscript to a journal. To assure these researchers about the quality of their paper, we provide an internal peer review service by PhD-qualified reviewers that are Publon members.

From €99

Cover and inside page design

Page and cover design, illustration correction, professional diagrams and shapes, or info-graphic images are the essential parts of every scientific paper. Our graphic design specialists will help you better communicate your findings and fulfill your artwork needs while tailoring to your target journal’s guidelines.

From €30

Super Rapid Proofreading

If you have prepared your paper and it is ready for submission, try our super rapid proofreading service to ensure that your manuscript is free of typo errors.

€13 for 1k

Check Plagiarism

The plagiarism check service assures you of the originality of your manuscript. Our expert team will inform you about the text overlap and its impact on journal’s final decision in form of a report. In the next stage, you can use our paraphrase service to keep the content but in different words in order and avoid paper retractions.

€30 for 1k

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Our distinguishing attribute is our specialization in Medical Publishing Services

Expertise, quality, accuracy, and punctuality have made us one of the companies preferred by different medical journals.

Serving thousands of authors and dozens of medical journals over years is the backbone of our quality.

  • 95 percent of journals

  • 55 percent of journals

  • 45 percen of journals

  • 99 percent of journals

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Editing samples from real published paprs

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Becuase we are academic medical researchers

Expert Medical English Editors

We have a two-editor system with a three-month free guaranteed recheck.

Artwork, Cover, and Illustration Design

Our professional graphic designers would convert your data into informative artworks.

24-7 Services

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professional Peer Reviewers

We are honored to have professional researchers with above 10 h-index for peer review.

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Up to 2000 English Editing
2000-4000 English editing
4000-6000 English editing
6000-8000 English Editing
Journal selection
Manuscript peer review
Paper submission
Scientific editing
CV writing
Manuscript revision and reviewers reply

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