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Eight Steps to Developing an Effective Outline

Preparing an effective outline is the most important step in the process of producing a manuscript for publication in a journal. The outline bears roughly the same relation to the final manuscript as an architectural blueprint does to a finished house. The purpose of an outline is to divide the writing of the entire paper Read more about Eight Steps to Developing an Effective Outline[…]


Journal Indexing and DRJI Scores

Publishing scientific articles in indexed journals has one definite advantage: It ensures that all subscribers to that journal will read and cite your work. Because of the high number of journals, the number of subscribers to the journal may not be very high. Some researchers may not have subscriptions to indexed journals; so, how do Read more about Journal Indexing and DRJI Scores[…]

Scientific articles denote the amount of students’ interest in research activity and diligence

Scientific articles show students’ interest in research activity

It has been proven that students with academic papers have a higher chance to get admission to higher education levels, especially PhD. For this reason, the publication of a scientific paper is recommended for undergraduates and graduate students.  […]