March 17, 2018

Scientific Editing

Scientific editing is a particular editing service tailor-made to assist you in submitting a well-written scientific manuscript.

Scientific manuscripts contain detailed and specialized information, technical terminologies, abbreviations, accurate description of complicated procedures, numerical data, etc. To communicate the scientific information, the text must have consistency and integrity. Therefore, the scientific editors must be an expert in the subject area of the manuscript they are working on, otherwise, they will fail to fulfill the task. Our experts are M.Sc. or Ph.D. holders that have several years of experience in editing scientific medical papers.

By submitting your manuscript to our editors, you ensure that your work would be free of defects that can easily result in the rejection of your work by the target journal. Along with in-depth language editing, the scientific content of your paper will be critiqued by a peer reviewer. We respect the EQUATOR Network guidelines and give comments as a journal reviewer will do.

Statistical Analysis: 

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