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Role of Abstract in Research Paper

Role of Abstract in Research Paper

Why should a researcher write an abstract in research paper? Why is writing an abstract in research paper important after writing the entire research paper?

What is open peer review?

Open peer review refers to evaluating an manuscript by scientists and experts related to a specific scientific field. In other words, we can say that peer

highly cited research

Highly Cited Research

Publishing a research paper is no longer enough to build a name for oneself in academia. In academia, your reputation as a scientist is determined

Social media referencing

Referencing to Social Media

Social media have turned into a valid source of information due to technological advances and the increasing importance of article-level metrics. In general, there are

scientific name

How to Write Scientific Names (part 2)

How to format scientific names in academic writing Italicization Publications and style guides can be quite different. However, it is safer to italicize the scientific

scientific name

How to Write Scientific Names (Part 1)

Understanding the rules for writing a scientific name The use of precise terminology is essential in scientific writing. The existing system of taxonomy enables authors


What is a Crossmark?

Crossmark is a multi-publisher initiative by CrossRef and provides a standard way for readers to find an authoritative copy of a document. We all know

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