When Can Peer-Reviewer Comments Be Modified by Journal Editors?

For a young researcher, any paper that gets published is very important. As any researcher knows, writing a paper requires a lot of time and resources. When a paper gets to peer examination, the author eagerly awaits the results. The next step is to closely read through all of the peer review comments and do Read more about When Can Peer-Reviewer Comments Be Modified by Journal Editors?[…]

About Peer Review

Many journals use peer review process as a screening process for manuscripts.  In majority of cases, students and young researchers try to publish their work without knowing anything about the peer review process. Peer review is the process of research evaluation and assessment by experts in a specific academic disciplines. Therefore, This process is often Read more about About Peer Review[…]

How to Do Peer review?

Peer review is essentially a structured process; therefore, more you practice it, the more expert and confident you would be. It is a constructive process. The peer review both preserves the integrity of the article and helps you improve your proficiency as a researcher. Also it is a good way for advancing the skill of Read more about How to Do Peer review?[…]