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Highly Cited Research

Publishing a research paper is no longer enough to build a name for oneself in academia. In academia, your reputation as a scientist is determined by the number and quality of articles you produce. However, it is also dependent on the number of citations. Citations recognize the scientist who made the discovery and first published Read more about Highly Cited Research[…]

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How to Know if Your Article is “Highly Cited”? (Part 1)

Nowadays, the mere publication of research is not enough to make a mark in academia. In the academic world, your reputation as a scientist depends on the quality and quantity of your publications and how many times it has been cited. Citation causes the reputation of scientists who made a discovery and were the first Read more about How to Know if Your Article is “Highly Cited”? (Part 1)[…]

The Things You Should Know about Indexing

Authors in recent years have been more and more looking for indexed journals to publish their articles and prestigious journals are those that are covered by a number of abstracting and indexing services. In fact, the higher the number the more prestigious is considered the journal. But what is an “Index Journal”?  In the forthcoming Read more about The Things You Should Know about Indexing[…]


Journal Indexing and DRJI Scores

Publishing scientific articles in indexed journals has one definite advantage: It ensures that all subscribers to that journal will read and cite your work. Because of the high number of journals, the number of subscribers to the journal may not be very high. Some researchers may not have subscriptions to indexed journals; so, how do Read more about Journal Indexing and DRJI Scores[…]

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Citation of the DOI of a Journal Article

DOI (digital objectidentifier) is an identification code for published works like journals. Thecode was developed and implemented in the year 2000 by the International DOIFoundation (IDF) and is assigned by thepublisher. A DOI is created by a registration agency (Crossref)involving an alphanumeric code beginning with “10”and a prefix of four or more numbers. A slash comes Read more about Citation of the DOI of a Journal Article[…]

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Most of the students have a lot in their to-do list (like the researches they have to do, people they must meet, articles they should write, books they must read, etc.) but they don’t have enough time. Some students are not able to do these things on their own, so they ask others for ideas Read more about How to Avoid Plagiarism?[…]