pre-print repositories

Why Researchers Should Use Pre-Print Repositories?

Publishing articles are important for researchers because of two main reasons. Firstly, publishing articles help researchers to achieve identification for the importance of their pieces of research and become famous in their respective fields. Secondly, through this, they can obtain fellowship or their favorite positions in crafts or university. It is noteworthy that publishing articles Read more about Why Researchers Should Use Pre-Print Repositories?[…]

negative results

Can Negative Results Be Significant?

Any scientific research involves testing a hypothesis through an experiment. If the results of the experiment support the hypothesis, it is considered positive and worthy of publication. However, if the results of the experiment contradict the expectations of the researchers, it means that the hypothesis was wrong. These findings are called negative results and most journals do Read more about Can Negative Results Be Significant?[…]


Journal Indexing and DRJI Scores

Publishing scientific articles in indexed journals has one definite advantage: It ensures that all subscribers to that journal will read and cite your work. Because of the high number of journals, the number of subscribers to the journal may not be very high. Some researchers may not have subscriptions to indexed journals; so, how do Read more about Journal Indexing and DRJI Scores[…]