March 17, 2018

Journal Submission

The final step in research is publishing the study report in a scientific journal. Many academics and students have a problem with this step. They miss several weeks or even months waiting for journal responses and they usually get rejected. There are several reasons why the manuscripts are rejected by journal editors. But one of the most common ones is sending a good paper to the wrong journal. In such cases, the journal editors have to reject the submitted paper because it is not within the scope of their journal. They even might suggest the authors which journal is more suitable for that manuscript.

In this service, we use the experience of experts in the field of medical publication to select the best journal for your manuscript. Our experts are M.Sc. or Ph.D. holders that have the experience of several years of submitting and publishing scientific papers. So, just submit your manuscript to our website and receive a list of 3-5 best journals that are appropriate for the submission of your paper.

Resubmission Support

If your paper receives reviewer comments, our publication experts will check the revised manuscript to ensure it meets the journal requirements, draft a new cover letter, and submit your responses and revised paper to the same journal again.

However, if your paper gets rejected, we will help you submit your paper to another journal of your choice at a 10% discounted charge of the paper submission fee. Our publication professionals will:

  • Reformat your manuscript according to the guidelines of the new journal of your choice.
  • Provide you with a new cover letter.
  • Submit your paper to the new journal.
Journal selection


You can finalize your order by payment from below. Paid orders will be proceeded faster as soon as payment in finalized. You will receive emails after payment about your order detail.

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