Quality of A Scientific Journal

Quality improvement is one of the most important matters in a scientific journal that is under the influence of financial and budgetary issues. Each issue of a scientific journal should have a higher quality than the previous issue. The most influential factor in this regard is the budget of the journal. But although a large Read more about Quality of A Scientific Journal[…]

How to Find a Good Research Topic?

A good research topic should be feasible, interesting, novel, ethical, and relevant (FINER). Researchers can evaluate the problem of the study based on these five indicators. Read this article to know what each of them mean. Feasibility Before researchers can decide on the research topic, they must make sure that they can do the research. Read more about How to Find a Good Research Topic?[…]

Types of Research

Types of Research

A. Based on Purpose Basic Research This type of research follows no personal or commercial purposes. It seeks to expand knowledge and theories in general and particular, without the immediate scientific application of research results. Applied Research The purpose here is to achieve the understanding or knowledge needed to determine how a specific need is Read more about Types of Research[…]

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