March 17, 2018


Our prices are per word or page depending on the service. For the exact calculation of the price please login to your account and submit your work, then our sales service will inform you the exact price.

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 Manuscript editing  €35  per 1K words 2 days
 Manuscript peer review  €99 for original papers 10 days
 Paper submission  €49  5 days
 Journal selection   €45
5 days
 Scientific editing  €95   5 days
 Paraphrase service  €45  per 1K words 6 days
 Translation service  €25 per page 7-14 days
 SPSS Data Analysis  €15  per page 1 week
 Thesis editing
14 days
 €15 per image
2 days
 Plagiarism check  €30
1 day
 Literature review  €99  (1500 -2000 words)
1 week
 Peer review  €99
1 week
 Proofreading  €13  (each 1000 words)
3 days
 Cover and inside page design
 30 per page
4 days
 Research services
 On demand
1 week**
Resume Writing
1 week**
CV writing
€79 1 week**
CV/Resume Editing
€49 1 week**
LinkedIn profile
€49 1 week**
LinkedIn post €19 per post
1 week**
Cover letter €49 2 days
 DOI  €2
3 days

* These services might be for journals, researchers or both.

** In case of urgency, 10 percent will be added to the price and the jobs will be done in requested date.

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