Do You Want to Become a Peer Reviewer? (First part)

Expert tips that are considered by journal editors Entering the world of peer review is not easy. In pursuit of both academic and research advancement, novice scholars are constantly looking for opportunities to take on the role of a peer reviewer. With the right motivation, determination, and tactics, you can successfully start your career in Read more about Do You Want to Become a Peer Reviewer? (First part)[…]


How Much Self-Plagiarism Is Allowed?

Most researchers believe that plagiarism can never be accepted. They also agree that some types of plagiarism are more serious than others. For example, complete plagiarism is when a person takes a project or article written by another person and submits it as their own name. This is more serious than accidental plagiarism, in which Read more about How Much Self-Plagiarism Is Allowed?[…]

Editing services

How Editing Services Improve Your Work

It surprises me when I see authors think that they can edit their own manuscript. It is good to know that professional authors and PhD candidates usually hire professional editing services. Editing services will improve the quality of your academic papers, thesis, business documents and book manuscripts. Perhaps you believe that your English is good Read more about How Editing Services Improve Your Work[…]

Scientific articles denote the amount of students’ interest in research activity and diligence

Scientific articles show students’ interest in research activity

It has been proven that students with academic papers have a higher chance to get admission to higher education levels, especially PhD. For this reason, the publication of a scientific paper is recommended for undergraduates and graduate students.  […]