July 3, 2018

Privacy Policy

As our customers privacy is very important to us, DoNotEdit behaves by these rules:

  1. The DoNotEdit website is maintained by DoNotEdit Ltd., Harju maakond, Sepapaja tn 6, Tallinn, 15551 Estonia. DoNotEdit Ltd. is a company federally registered in Estonia.
  2. Our use of any personal information the customers provide to DoNotEdit is protected and regulated by the laws of the European Union privacy and policy acts of service.
  3. This Privacy Policy forms part of DoNotEdit terms of use.
  4. To the degree that DoNotEdit gather any data from the visitors, if that information is individually distinguishable or not, from actively provided data, “cookies,” or our web service providers, DoNotEdit implements such data only for own objectives related to provision of the editing and proofreading services. DoNotEdit does not share information of the clients to any third party.

Visiting DoNotEdit.com

When one visits our Site, our server gather information regarding the requested pages. The IP address, and the server’s achievement in sending appropriate page are important for any site. These server logs are applied for finding and maintenance goals and to provide valid statistics that we can use to display and advancement of ours.

    • The various web browsers may accept a “session cookie” that allows the web servers to provide for each request to be identified but be kept confidential for the own. The “session cookie” is a random code contained letters and numbers without any personally identifying information.
    • The web browser provides information entitled “request headers” to any website you open to check the site get data about the language(s) you are using in web surfing. Users can control this information by manipulating the options or settings in the browser. This data is collected to provide the current request.
  • We use cookies and online chat system for tracking and understanding our customer behavior. This includes technologies such as real-time chat requests, Google Adwords, and other technologies that implement the anonymous tracking.

When Contacting DoNotEdit

    • The customers personal data, including the contact information provided in the forms or online system, is applied to wisely reply to emails, phone calls and other contacts.
    • If a request is about a submission recently sent via online system for customers, it will be relevant to the information related that submission.
  • Information relevant to customers query and the company expert replies may be kept confidentially to assist the quality management team of the company in the further submissions.

Submitting with DoNotEdit

DoNotEdit uses SSL/TLS encryption to ensure the secure transfer of customers information when submissions are undergoing, including the valuable documents. The power of this format of encryption is commonly 256-bit or higher. But also we ask all customers touse the latest version of web browsers to ensure that the method of encryption is supported by the browser. But the customers solely accept the responsibility for activation of the security settings of your browser, operating system or computer for justified communication with DoNotEdit Site.

When an order is submitted for any service, the following data should be provided:

    1. Name, email address, and telephone number
    1. The billing address
  1. The document(s) for that service and any special instructions relating to the requested services

Signing that the provided documents are owned by the submitted or the consent of the owners are obtained in advance for the requested services and other activities that are going to be done on them without violating the copyright or intellectual property principles.