March 17, 2018

English Editing

English editing

With Do Not Edit English editing service, language can be no longer a barrier for the papers to get published. Our subject-expertise editors are adept at language polishing and giving your papers an academic and native look. They consider the language, style, and structure of your manuscripts. We deliver editing services at two levels of premium and basic. Our editing services include the consideration of spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, terminology, formatting per target journal, presentation check (logic, clarity, and flow), reviewer response letter editing, crosschecking responses with a revised manuscript, and reference check.
Moreover, at the premium levels, the authors are provided with a full manuscript check and assisted with post-submission support in case of requests from the journals. Our rejection-proof service is the sign of our commitment, which guarantees the re-edition of an edited paper rejected due to language errors.
English editing in the medicine-related subject area is a really specialized task, which can be very difficult, even for those proficient in English. Our team of editors consists of medical graduates with a good command of English and deep understanding of medical terminology, paraphrasing, publishing ethics, and plagiarism.


english editing


english editing

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english editing

Book Editing

Book Editing and Design service will help you involve your readers with prodigious content and an eye-catching design. Get editing experts to improve the language of your text. As soon as we revise the manuscript, our typesetting and design employees will turn your book to a professional format according to the guidelines of your publisher. Moreover, the design of your cover and pages will be also done free of extra charge.

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