March 17, 2018

English Editing Service for Academic Papers

The increasing number of scientific studies made it more difficult for young researchers to publish papers in prestigious journals. Other than its worthy content, your article requires to be easily read and understood. You may feel it is unfair to get your scientifically precious paper rejected because of poor language quality. In DoNotEdit we have an English editing service that aims to tackle this problem.

With the help of our proficient editors, you no longer need to be concerned about this issue. they help you to overcome this obstacle easily. After sending your manuscript to us, our editors will check the spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, terminology, format (of your selected journal), and flow of your article. Your article will be clear of any language-related errors by using our English editing service. So if your work gets rejected due to such errors, we will re-edit it for you.

Editing Medical articles can be a very difficult task, even for those who are proficient in the English language. Our editorial board consists of medical graduates with excellent command of English and a deep understanding of medical terminology.

Why editing medical papers is different?

Yes, biomedical papers are full of professional words that are not included in general English language and commonly many of them are not even in English but in Latina. So, not just being an expert English editor, but also it is essential to be an expert medical editor. The medical editors are familiar with the medical terminology plus being expert in English language.

Why should I ask an editor from DoNotEdit to edit my paper?

Many studies have demonstrated that a high rate of fast reject of the manuscript submitted to English journals, specially those submitted to Q1 ones. This is not just due to their poor methodology or hypothesis, but also and commonly due to their poor writing style. When a manuscript is written in poor language, the editors of the journals can not understand or communicate with the submission and prefer to reject it. This happen very common as the high rank journals have much more submissions than the number they publish per issue.

Can I make my paper published without editing?

Surely, it is possible, when you are submitting to a journal from a non-English country or a low-rank journal. Also, it is possible for a manuscript reporting a very great results in science to be able to get published with poor language. But, very commonly the poor language manuscripts are underestimated and rejected by editors and reviewers when they lack the basics of English writing.

What if my paper is rejected after being edited by DoNotEdit?

Rejecting a manuscript have many causes that just one of them, although an imminent one is poor writing and English language. So, in DoNotEdit we can not protect the manuscripts to be rejected due to other causes than writing and English language. But each article that is edited by DoNotEdit editors in the current format have a one month guarantee. It means that if the paper be rejected due to English language it will be re-edited by another editor without ant additional fees.
Besides, it is very uncommon, but possible, that a manuscript edited by our editors in DoNotEdit be rejected just due to English language. As our editors all are very expert in their work and have edited thousands of words.

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