About Peer Review

Many journals use peer review process as a screening process for manuscripts.  In majority of cases, students and young researchers try to publish their work without knowing anything about the peer review process. Peer review is the process of research evaluation and assessment by experts in a specific academic disciplines. Therefore, This process is often Read more about About Peer Review[…]

responding to reviewers

How to Respond to Reviewers

You will receive a letter with some comments from the editor after the submission of your manuscript to your target journal. This letter either means to accept or reject your submitted manuscript. But how to respond to reviewers? If the editor has decided to reject your manuscript, he usually gives some reasons for the decision. Read more about How to Respond to Reviewers[…]

Figures and Tables in a Manuscript

How to Cite Tables and Figures in an Article? Most of the scientific articles published each year contain tables, figures, diagrams, images, or maps. Many journals have difficult guidelines for the inclusion of such items in an article. It is very important to know how to draw tables and the quality of the images used Read more about Figures and Tables in a Manuscript[…]

article title

How to Develop an Effective Article Title?

The article title represents your manuscript content in a fewest possible words. Whether or not the readers read your work, an effective title instantly “sells” it to the reader. The title is crucial in drawing reader’s attention to your manuscript, especially if the searched database does not contain the abstract of the article. It should Read more about How to Develop an Effective Article Title?[…]