Fast Publication

Need Fast Publication? Read This Article

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the need for fast publication of papers was felt more urgent than before. There are obvious benefits to publishing research results as soon as possible. For instance, researchers can share important discoveries with each other and with the general public around the world. At best they can help the efforts made Read more about Need Fast Publication? Read This Article[…]

How to write Methods section?

The method section of a papers is probably the least interesting part, yet it is essential for the progress of science and facilitates your further attempts. The requirements for Methods section of any journal can be found in “instructions to authors” guide. The purpose of Methods section The Methods section of your paper lets your Read more about How to write Methods section?[…]

meta analysis

Research Meta-analysis: Getting the Bigger Picture

The reproducibility crisis is not new in academic community. In order to substantiate it, the cancer researchers tried to reproduce the studies published in high ranking scientific journals, but they only succeeded to reproduce only half of the studies. This leads to lots of debates and controversies around particular theories. One of the solutions here Read more about Research Meta-analysis: Getting the Bigger Picture[…]