March 17, 2018


DoNotEdit is the brand name of ZamenPub®, which is a Journal publisher delivering services to both journals and authors. Our mission is to provide high-quality publishing services to the journals, including submission system, as well as pre-, within-, and post-publication services. Moreover, we provide parallel services to the scholarly authors intending to publish their manuscript by offering various editing, proofreading, artwork, graphic, and reference checking services.

We have started our mission since 2005 and are honored that our service teams are comprised of qualified expert medical research members, who have been recognized for their passion in delivering the most quality services in due time. We support more than 40 medical journals that are rapidly increasing every week. Years of working with different journals and authors have equipped us with a full realization of their needs. This strength has facilitated us to provide our clients with comprehensible support and fulfill their expectations.

DoNotEdit editors are a multi-ethnic group of talents from various countries working on medical research as a profession. All DoNotEdit staff are passionate about their job; they live their job days and nights. This ensures us that we have a promising growth prospect ahead.

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