Impact of Undergraduate Grade Point Average on University Admission

It is not exactly clear why Bachelor’s grade point average (GPA) is far more important than that the Master’s one in the application process. 

identifierLeave a commentEdit Impact of Undergraduate Grade Point Average on University AdmissionSome people believe that the reason for this is the manner of qualification assessment in undergraduate courses.

Given the longer duration of Bachelor’s course, compared to the Master’s one, a high GPA in this period reflects the individual’s continuity in academic achievement.

Another view is that since the Master’s GPA is generally higher than of the Bachelor’s one in applicants, this competition is practically based on the undergraduate GPA due to its higher difference with regard to the large number of people competing for admission.

If you are worried about your low undergraduate GPA, the first advice is not to get disappointed. There are ways to compensate this point. We have seen many cases with low undergraduate GPAs that have been successfully admitted to top universities.

In addition to undergraduate GPA, there are many other factors that are taken into account within the admission process. A strong academic resume, a good incentive, favorable IELTS or TOEFL scores, and most importantly consent of a faculty member are other factors significantly affecting your application process.


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