Importance of Research

Research is important both in scientific and nonscientific fields. In our life new problems occur every day. Practically, implementable solutions and suggestions are required for tackling new problems that arise.

Importance of Research

Scientists have to undertake research on them and find their causes, solutions, explanations and applications. Some important avenues of research are:

  •  A research problem refers to a difficulty which a researcher or a scientific community or any organization or a society experiences. It may be a theoretical or a practical situation. It calls for a thorough understanding and possible solution.
  •  Research on existing theories and concepts help us identify the range and applications of them.
  • It is the fountain of knowledge and provide guidelines for solving problems.
  • Research provides basis for many government policies. For example, research on the needs and desires of the people and on the availability of revenues to meet the needs helps a government to prepare a budget.
  • It is important in industry and business for higher gain and productivity and to improve the quality of products.
  • Mathematical and logical research on business and industry optimizes the problems in them.
  • It leads to the identification and characterization of new materials, new living things, new stars, etc.
  • Only through research inventions can be made; for example, new and novel phenomena and processes such as superconductivity and cloning have been discovered only through research.
  • Social research helps find answers to social problems. They explain social phenomena and seek solution to social problems.
  • Research leads to a new style of life and makes it delightful and glorious.

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