ISC Journal Indexing Regulations

Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC)  is a scientific information system that aims to analyze the scientific journals of Islamic countries based on valid criteria of scientometrics.

ISC Journal Indexing RegulationsThe ISC ranked the third citation database after Thomson and Scopus to measure the research performance of 57 countries.

ISC has been developing during several stages:

  • Analyzing the Persian
  • Assessing authentic Arabic journals.
  • Analyzing authentic English scientific journals in Iran and other Islamic countries.
  • Extending the activities by assessing language varieties ​​of different countries, such as turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, France.

Request Indexing:

All international journals, including those in Islamic countries or other countries, with at least one year of regular publication background can request indexing service by ISC.

Evaluation Procedure

The evaluation criteria include:

  • Academic Credibility
  • Regular Publication
  • Scientific Evaluation
  • Publisher’s Academic Credibility
  • Geographical diversity of the authors and editorial board
  • Citation and Bibliography Specifications
  • Adherence to Journal Policy
  • Thematic Focus
  • Enriching ISC Content
  • Online Access to Journal Content

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