How to Submit Your Article to a Scientific Journal?

In order to get your paper published in scientific journals, you must take some steps. A number of these steps should be taken before the submission of the article and some of them after the submission.

How to Submit Your Article to a Scientific Journal

The steps before submitting the article are related to writing the article or extracting it from a thesis. For this purpose, you can use the professional help of institutions who offer such services. Our expert writers at DoNotEdit are ready to help you in this regard.

After preparing the article you should observe the essential points and principles regarding the desired journal. It is recommended that first you select a journal before finishing writing the article. So that you can start writing the article in the format of the journal and will not need to edit it later.

Now you are in the stage of article submission. The stages you must go through for the publication of your article are similar in almost all reputable journals around the world. This process can be performed by the author herself or by the companies that offer this service. By using DoNotEdit journal submission service you can make sure that everything is taken care of and the chances of your article getting published is increased.

You can submit your article to scientific journals through three different methods:

1.Through E-mail

In the email method, the article is sent via email to the journal’s email address. Some of the journals provide instructions in the authors’ guide section that you should follow when writing your article. After doing this, you should send the article, along with the data, tables, figures, charts, and the cover letter to the editor’s email.

2. Online Submission system

The third method is the electronic and online submission method, which is the result of advancements in technology.  Because of the speed and security of this method, journals ask you to submit your data and articles in PDF or Word format. Most of the journals explain the process of submitting and uploading the file on the website.  By submitting the article through this method you can view which steps your article is going through, like reviewing.

After submitting your article, you should expect to receive the journal’s response to see whether your article is accepted or not. You may need to submit an article several times until it is ready for publication.

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