Scientific articles show students’ interest in research activity

It has been proven that students with academic papers have a higher chance to get admission to higher education levels, especially PhD. For this reason, the publication of a scientific paper is recommended for undergraduates and graduate students. 

Scientific articles denote the amount of students’ interest in research activity and diligenceHowever, universities have a higher expectation of master students for publishing articles. Regarding this, if you are a graduate student and intend to get your doctorate degree, try seriously to publish scientific articles.

Scientific articles are usually published in conferences and journals of different levels of credibility. Accordingly, various studies are accepted to be published in these scientific sources based on their quality.

Note that when you apply to study abroad, nobody will read your articles; what matters is the number of your published articles and the credibility of the journals in which your manuscripts are published. Therefore, make an effort to submit your articles to conferences and journals of high quality.

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