Some important points before writing a Ph.D thesis

One of the questions you will be asked in a Ph.D interview is about the subject of Ph.D thesis that you are expected to think about it before applying for Ph.D, which shows its importance.

Ph.D thesisFor the reason that an undergraduate student is familiar with thesis writing while getting a master degree, he/she is less likely to face problems in this stage. However, before starting to write a thesis, taking the following steps are required:

  1. Research is the basic principle for a Ph.D student. He/She should have enough capacity and more appropriate mental status to perform and develop this scientific project in comparison to the master’s thesis.
  2. A Ph.D student should identify all the aspects of the research subject and have the ability to supply and eliminate barriers and problems raised in the related field.
  3. A Ph.D student should choose the best and most worthy subject, and the subject should involve a practical aspect because his/her academic credentials originate from your Ph.D thesis.
  4. Financial issues of the project are among the most important topics for discussion. If your Ph.D thesis requires great funding and you cannot personally pay for it, first of all, seek the research institutes that provide you with financial support, and if it is not possible it is better to change your subject.

A comprehensive proposal should be written with all documentation and practical reasons before starting the project

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