Structure of a review article

  • Title: Almost similar to the original article

Structure of a review article

  • Authors’ affiliations: Similar to the original article
  • Abstract and keywords: The abstract consists of two main parts: a) background and purpose of the study (in a sentence) and b) explanation of the various parts of the article. The last sentence presents the conclusion and future orientation of the research.
  • Introduction: Describes the background and purpose of the study (in one paragraph). The aim is placed at the beginning or end of the paragraph. After explaining about the background, the research problems are often presented in a series of questions that are responded in the result section.
  • Results: This section constitutes the main part of the body of the paper that involves a comprehensive and prospective summary of the research findings by compiling the hypotheses, creating questions, combining the results of previous studies, and making a critical evaluation.
  • Conclusion: This section summarizes the results of the previous studies (preferably in a table). Then, a conclusion is made in line with the research objective. At the end, the future orientation of the research is presented.
  • References: This section is similar to that of the original articles. In these articles, references are of two kinds: a) scientific reports and articles the results of which have been reviewed only as the second hand data and b) references used in the writing of the article.

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