Stylistic elements of a scientific article

The main purpose of an article is to be published in media in order to inform the audience about some new changes to the word. Depending on the type of an article, the writing style of an article may vary. An academic article is the one which should follow not only an organized the format but also a consistent style. This essay deals with the stylistic issues that a researcher need to take into consideration.

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As a researcher, it is essential to present your argument as clearly as possible in an unbiased narrative tone, especially when you are criticizing the standpoint of another researcher. Therefore, a researcher should avoid any emotional or judgmental tone to present the findings in a formal, unbiased, and straightforward tone.


The reflection of research findings in an article should be clear in a well-structured organization. In doing so, each paragraph should contain a topic sentence with lexically and grammatically connected supporting sentences. Moreover, the semantic relationships of all paragraphs should precisely develop and support the intended meaning of the authors. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to avoid any vague expressions. As mentioned earlier, an article follows a formal writing style. Therefore, impersonal and objective choice of words is commonly encouraged in article writing. Furthermore, researchers should pay great concerted attention to the connotative as well as denotative meanings of the words, more specifically when they refer to the definition of a concept or phenomenon.   

Academic Referencing Convention

One important criterion that everyone in a research community should observe is mentioning the source of the information on which the argument is grounded. This allows the author to give an indication of the source of the material and respect the information gained from the original author. It is noteworthy to mention that referencing include both in-text citations and a complete reference list. However, there are different styles of referencing depending on the journal for which the researchers intend to submit their manuscripts.

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