What is a Research Proposal?

In fact, it is a general report of the research in which goals, hypotheses, reasons for the study, and Research Proposal are mentioned.

ProposalGeneral a proposal consists of 12 items:

  1. Problem statement including the main issue and the reasons for choosing the subject
  2. The importance of research
  3. Research Objectives and research title as the main purpose of the study
  4. Research Questions you are looking for their answers in project
  5. Hypotheses or the probable answer to research question
  6. Research variable, which are the factors changing either under the influence of other factors (dependent variable) or not dependent on anything else (independent variable).
  7. The research background and the related literature
  8. The theoretical foundations of theories, and scientific models that the researcher chooses as the research base in order to explain his study results in line with the investigated model.
  9. Research Model
  10. Research methodology is divided into two groups of fundamental and applied studies according to the purpose.
  11. Fundamental Research: This type of research explains the relationship between phenomena, test theories, and add to the accessible knowledge regarding a particular issue.
  12. Applied Research: The purpose of applied research is to develop applied knowledge in relation to a particular issue.
  13. Data collection procedure
  14. Data analysis method

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