10 Commandments of Writing an Attractive Paper (Part 2)


the abstract of the article is also as important as the title. Sometimes a reader decides whether to read an article or not only based on the abstract. No matter how valuable and relevant a piece of information is, if it is not mentioned in the abstract, it will not attract the reader.

Some say that it is best to write the article before writing the paper, and some believe otherwise. So, it is recommended to test both methods and then select the most appropriate one.


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There is a great difference between the literature review and the introduction of the article. The introduction should avoid reviewing the related literature as much as possible. The purpose of the introduction is to draw a map by first stating the necessity of studying the subject. Then after pointing out the methods, the author should mention the main question which is the purpose of the study. Yet, a brief literature review is usually presented in the introduction. This review should highlight the importance of the study, provide background information on the subject, and identify deficiencies.


The section on materials and methods in the article should be technical and also comprehensive. So that other researchers can repeat the research by reading this section. A common mistake is to omit some essential details. The result is that the reader will not be able to understand the methodology of the research. So, it is very important to consider the readers’ point of view. Besides, the name of the companies whose products are used should be briefly listed.


The presentation of the results should follow a logical, rather than chronological order. Otherwise understanding them can be very confusing. The authors should not mention many unnecessary results. Because they have little effect on the discussion and will only confuse the readers. Also, it will be harder to distinguish the main finding among the other ones.

The purpose of writing a research paper is to propose a hypothesis as well as discussing and interpreting it. Thus, the discussion of an article should be thorough and relevant to the results. Besides, the results must be interpreted and various sources should be cited. The authors should support research ideas through rational and documented reasons. They should also assess their ideas through a comprehensive and clear manner so that the reader can connect with them.


The number of research and review articles is rising. This indicates the increasing pressure on researchers to keep up with current topics in their fields of interest. Although the number of templates and guides for writing comprehensible articles is increasing daily, scholars are using the same templates to select the article they want. Scientists continue reading an article if they find it interesting or find important questions and answers in it. The more rational an article is, the more it will attract the readers, and the more people will cite it in their own articles.


Finally, it is important to consider two points when writing an essay: originality of the message and the audience of the article. The main purpose of the authors is to convince the reader of the value and importance of the research. If they disregard the reader, the readers will not show interest in their writings as well.

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