13 Tips for submitting your manuscript to journals (Part 2)

Preparing Cover Letter

A cover letter is a piece of writing that you usually have to submit with the article. In fact, Cover Letter is the first thing that the editor will study.  Actually, the editor makes a decision for your article and chooses a reviewer based on this letter. So it is better to notice the following before starting to write it.

13 Tips for submitting your manuscript to journals
  1. first of all you should know that cover letter is not an abstract. So do not paste the abstract into your cover letter!
  2. The first paragraph of the letter, should contain the title of the article, the authors, the research team or group and their research interest, and then state that this article is not published in another journal. It is better to state why you chose this journal for your article.
  3. After the introduction, summarize the purpose of your study and the results of your research. Avoid too much details. Keep in mind that this letter should include a summary that encourages the editor to read your entire article and refer it to the appropriate reviewers. So you have to be very careful when writing this letter.
  4. After writing the above-mentioned parts, write the contributions in a separate paragraph, state the practical uses of your research, and explain how it can contribute to the advancement of future studies. For example, if the results of your study can be used in the treatment of a disease, be sure to include it in this letter so that the editor would be more interested in reading your article.
  5. The last point to keep in mind is the grammatical rules. It is best to have an expert check the grammar of your cover letter. You can use DoNotEdit English editing service for this purpose.

Submitting Articles to Journals

Now you are ready to submit your article. Most journals now prefer to receive the article electronically, since it is safer and faster. Read the final word or PDF file of the article carefully to make sure that all the letters, numbers, and symbols are correct. Do not use non-standard symbols.

On the website of some famous journals, there is a button that when you click on it, the submission process begins. This opens another page and asks you to enter the title, authors’ names, addresses, telephones, faxes, emails, and original text of the article. You should copy and paste the required parts into the related boxes.

Journals not yet equipped with an online submission system require that you submit your article to the editor’s email along with the cover letter. In this case, the text of the email will be the cover letter and the article is attached.

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