13 Tips for submitting your manuscript to journals (Part 1)

Authors’ Guide

After selecting a journal for the publication of your article, you must read its authors’ guide. In fact, you should write your article within the framework of that journal. Otherwise, the chief editor will reject it. Even if the journal accepts it at first, its reviewing will take a lot more time. If you care about this, it is more probable for your article to get a positive result from the chief editor.

Tips for submitting your manuscript to journalsThe general guidelines of journals for articles are almost similar. Title page, abstract, keywords, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references are all necessary parts. But whether they should follow each other or be on separate pages, line spaces, font, the maximum word count of each section, the style of referencing, and such matters depend on the desired framework of the magazine. For instance, most journals prefer figures and tables to be in separate pages, rather than between the lines of the text, thus it is better to do so. The important thing is that when you are making changes to your article, be careful not to delete some parts by mistake. The ideal method is to select the journal while writing your essay. So that you can read the authors’ guide and write your article according to that journals’ framework.

Title Page

Since different journals have different guidelines for this section, you should refer to the authors’ guide here as well. Generally, the title page contains the title of the article at the top and the authors’ names below. First and last names of the authors, their highest academic degree. The academic status, address, and name of the department or institution where the research was conducted must be mentioned too. The corresponding authors’ affiliation is at the bottom of the page. This information includes first and last name, academic degree, postal address, telephone, fax (with international country code) as well as academic email.

Preparation Before Submitting Your Article

After making the changes, read the article several times. Also, if possible, ask your experienced and trusted colleagues to study it and identify any potential mistakes. Simplicity and comprehensibility have a great influence on attracting the editor’s positive opinion. Besides, you should also give the article to someone who is fluent in English to read it. You should make sure that your article is free of spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can use DoNotEdit’s English editing and proofreading services to make sure that your text is mistake-free!

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