Medical Academic or Students

A Medical University teacher or resident or undergraduate biomedical student or a physician, all might need to write in English. It’s might be a manuscript, an essay, an assignment, a proposal, book chapter or a research statement. All of these jobs are full of medical terms, research terminologies and phrases that rarely a biomedical field specialist have thought about. In this time, many get confused and wander to edit their text. While the main problem of editing job is that you hardly can understand whether or not the performed job is appropriate. So we at Do Not Edit have this role to help our customers to sit calm and let focus on the scientific part and get released of difficult job of correction of the text. It is very important to become ensure that the paper is considered appropriate and not returned due to spelling and grammar mistakes. So, easily you can open your account and send a sample page(s) for us. There is no need to payment, then if it was appropriate you might send the full text.

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