March 17, 2018

Journal Selection

Journal Selection

Selection of a proper journal for the manuscript is a very difficult and sensitive task, especially for the junior researchers, since it highly affects the chance of getting published. There are various parameters that should be taken into consideration during the journal selection. Our expert reviewers with the experience of hundreds of submissions and acceptance in a wide scope of international journals will provide you with a list of 3-5 journals best matched with your manuscript and requirements. Submission to the journal suited to your manuscript will reduce your chance of rejection and save you time since a normal review process takes 4-8 weeks for most of the journals. Our expert reviewers review your manuscript to gain an insight into the significance of your research in its field of specialty and scope to present you the best-suited journals. Moreover, they provide you with precious feedback to improve your manuscript based on the required parameters of the introduced journals and inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of submission to each of them. Therefore, if you are mixed up or doubtful about the selection of a suitable journal, don’t hesitate to ask it from us.

Publication support

Whether you are a PhD/Master student or a senior researcher, time is a valuable item in your life. Sometimes, months, and even years, are needed for getting a paper published. With ZamenPub publication services, you can have access to experts for guidance at all stages of the publication process. Our experts are specialized in biomedical sciences and will review your paper and provide constructive comments to improve the manuscript before submission as if it has been peer-reviewed in advance. Our experts will accompany you within your publication journey from the very beginning to the end by delivering such services as peer review, journal selection, manuscript submission, paper editing, technical editing, and post-submission support (e.g., replies to journal editors).

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